About Knowledge Integration

Knowledge Integration was founded in 1999. The company's directors (Ian Ibbotson, Neil Smith and Rob Tice) all have extensive experience of the software industry in general and the Cultural and Education sectors in particular.  Knowledge Integration and its directors are well known and respected both within the UK and worldwide with close links to key initiatives in Europe, USA and Australasia.

From the outset, we have been keen advocates of open source licensing for software, along with a commitment to the development and adoption of open standards to facilitate interoperability.  As a relatively small company, we are naturally drawn to collaborative projects and find that is style of working compliments our 'open' approach to research and development. Our partners page lists some of the people and companies we've worked with recently.

Knowledge Integration set up Vocabulary Management Group as a joint venture in 2005, acquiring sole ownership in 2012, meging development and support in this area into mainstream K-Int activity.  In 2015, K-Int acquired the rights to software previously developed by Psydev Limitied.  Details of former Vocman and Psydev products can be found in the Products section of this website.

K-Int currently employs 12 professional staff and has access to a wide network of potential collaborators and subcontractors.