We work with a wide range of partners on both software development and consultancy assignments. Open source software has developed to a large extent by the formation of loose-knit alliances of companies and individuals coming together in a focussed way to solve a particular problem. We have taken this philosophy forwards in all aspects of our work and are fortunate that Sheffield has many like minded people and companies with complimentary expertise. However, we don't limit ourselves to local collaboration and have built up an extensive network of associates both nationally and internationally.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the partners we've worked with recently. We're always looking to build new alliances, so if you'd like to work with us in future, please get in touch.

Recent Partners include:

University of Cambridge - Fitzwilliam Museum

We have collaborated with the Fitzwilliam Museum on two JISC funded projects - Contextaul Wrapper I & II - and look forward to working with them in future on the Open Book project.

Cottage Labs

Like us, Cottage Labs are strong advocates of open source software with wide expereince of delivering high quality results for customers in the higher education sector.  We are excited to be collaborating with them on the JISC Monitor project, exploring how JISC can help institutions meet new and emerging requirements around open access to outputs such as journal articles and conference proceedings.

Collections Trust

Collections Trust were partners in the k-int led CenturyShare project.  We have built on this relationship to collaborate extensively on the development of an open technical infrastructure - the 'culture grid' - to underpin a new and innovative approach to promoting a more open, democratic and participative approach to cultural collections.

DJ Alchemi

David Jennings is a consultant in the worlds of usability, elearning and cultural media. Originally based in Sheffield (where Neil was one of his original "Associates"), he is now based in London. David has collaborated with us on a number of projects, most recently in connection with work for the Higher Education Academyt.

European Schoolnet (EUN)

EUN is a not-for-profit consortium of 28 ministries of education in Europe created in 1997, providing major European education portals for teaching, learning and collaboration. We have worked with EUN on consultancy projects for Becta and on drafting CEN Workshop agreements and other standards.  EUN are also a customer as long term users of Lexaurus.

Gooii Ltd

Gooii haver an excellent reputation for innovative user interface design and have worked with us on a large number of projects for customers in the cultural and education sectors.  We have also, in a joint venture with Gooii, launched a product aimed at Museums - Collections Connect.

Schemeta Ltd

Mike Collett of Schemeta is well known in the worlds of educational standards and controlled vocabularies.  As well as working together on a wide range of projects in the educational sector, Schemeta were our original partners in Vocabulary Management Group, which is now a part of K-Int.

Seb Schmoller

Seb works as an independent consultant, having stood down in May 2012 from his part time role as chief executive of ALT (the Association for Learning Technology). We have collaborated widely with Seb including projects for JISC, Becta and BSI.

Sero Consulting

Sero is a digital technology and skills consultancy based in Sheffield and run by former colleagues of ours from Fretwell-Downing days. We have collaborated with Sero on a number of projects for Jisc Collections including Knowledge Base Plus, Global Open Knowledge Base (a project funded by the Mellon fouindation involving North Carolina State University and the Universities of Chicago and Pennsylvania) and the redevelopment of Jisc's Historic Books (renamed to Historical Texts) and Journal Archive services.