From the outset, we have been to committed to the principles behind open source software.  Wherever possible, when we develop our own software "from scratch" we make a version of it available as open source.  There are some products, such as the Lexaurus Suite which we have inherited from other people, that are currently only available under commercial licenses.  We are constantly reviewing this position and plan in future to make the licensing of these products as compatible as possible with other products in our portfolio.

Open Source Licenses
We tend to use two main forms of license:

Our main software products are generally licensed using the AGPL.  Some of our lower level components are licensed using the LGPL.

We are also very keen to to avoid re-inventing wheels. This means that, from time to time, we will use an existing piece of open source software as the basis of some development work. This is an essential component of the open source movement. Of course, in these cases, we are bound by the terms of the original license relating to derivitive works and may therefore produce software which carries a different open source license.

Commercial Licenses

Although we are fervent supporters of the open source movement, we also believe in customer choice and realise that, in some cases, customers may still opt for the perceived security of proprietary software.

All of our software is also available using a commercial software license.  There are many reasons for this.  Sometimes, the conditions of the GPL concerning use in proprietary software products (placed there in order to level the playing field) are too restrictive for customers developing proprietary products. Other times, a module which interfaces with a thrid party system needs to be closed source for confidentiality of third party licensing reasons.  There are also circumstances when we will develop new software and make it available initially as a closed source option to our paying customers.

If you would like to discuss the available options for licensing any of K-Int's software, please don't hesitate to contact us.