Citizen Maths

Citizen Maths is a free online "level 2" course aimed at helping adults to improve their maths skills. The course is funded by the Ufi Charitable Trust and delivered by Calderdale College. The course consists of short video lessons backed up by demos, apps and online assessments. Knowledge Integration was responsible for taking the course content developed by specialist tutors and implementing it in the Google Course Builder framework. Development activity has focussed on:

  • Modifying the core CSS and HTML templates to get the required display for the course homepage, lesson layouts, student profile and certificate
  • Adapting core coursebuilder code to allow more information to be displayed on course pages and make the course run more smoothly (and also to resolve minor issues in the core code)
  • Extending coursebuilder to provide update alerts by email: to project leaders, e.g. when a student provides feedback, and to students, e.g. to keep them informed about their progress
  • Adding CRON jobs to archive user information, send emails to inactive users, and check the status of integrated third party services (e.g. example Scratch and Geogebra).
  • Pushing course data to Google BigQuery for analysis and reporting of usage, progress and other factors