Lexaurus Bank

Lexaurus Bank version 5 was released in December 2011. It is a powerful terminology management system for publishing term or concept based vocabularies, concept schemes, data definitions, taxonomies and thesauri.

It facilitates the import, export and cross-mapping of terminology structures in a variety of formats currently supporting SKOS, VDEX (token and nested), XVD, ESD Toolkit, Zthes,i2b2 (ontology and concept) and Snomed.

Lexaurus Bank can also synchronise with one or more Lexaurus Editors to provide collaborative editing of terminology information, including multiple users working on the same structure.

It is completely multilingual both in terms of the data it contains and the user interface for the application.

Unlike most terminology systems currently available, Lexaurus Bank maintains a full and complete history of all terms, concepts and terminology structures. This is not simply an audit trail, but provides API level access to every terminology structure at every stage in its development, together with when and who made each change.

This information is available as both a complete terminology structure for each change, or as a delta which just exposes the differences between any 2 revisions (not just the last changes).

Lexaurus Bank has been tested to a level of 10 million terms or concepts.

Lexaurus Bank key features:

  • Scalable web-based repository for multiple published vocabularies to be consolidated and disseminated, organisation or sector-wide.
  • Customisable multilingual web interface provides advanced search, filter and browse options.
  • Collaborative creation, editing and mapping of terminologies across distributed environments.
  • Import and export using a range of standard formats.
  • Extensible descriptive schemas, facilitating customised term, concept and thesaural descriptions with full support for multilingual definitions.
  • Standards-based RESTful interface integrates with other information-centric solutions, enabling dynamic terminology updates.
  • Rapid synchronisation of classification changes across all consumers of vocabulary data (e.g. end user navigation, system database indexes, search queries etc.) including differences (deltas) between versions.
  • RSS feeds to notify you of updates Terminology uniqueness ensured by persistent http uris for all content.
  • Full revision management covering all aspects of terminology lifecycle.
  • Extensive administrative control over users and organisations.
  • Granular permissions and roles allowing role-based access down to individual vocabulary level and separate permissions for delete, update and create.

New features in version 5 include:

  • Snomed management and mapping
  • i2b2 import and export
  • Enhanced api layer for increased scalability
  • Download restriction for selected vocabularies
  • Ui filters, Pre-application of ui filters via a uri for informstion sharing
  • Ui sort key editing for management of the display order
  • utf-8 searching for non-latin character use
  • filter content ordering either by count or alphabetically
  • translation, any property values from a controlled list can be translated in the user interface whilst still being exported according to the specification e.g. true,false even though the value id true of false in vdex it can be displayed in the relevant language in the ui
  • Multilingual sorting using Locale based collation
  • Namespace management
  • Increased indexing performance
  • Enhanced caching layer for increased scalability


version 5.0 released


Commercial license - contact us for details.


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