AB Sugar Community Site

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AB Sugar’s vision is to be the world’s leading sugar business. With the business’s operation stretching from the UK and Spain in Europe, to southern Africa, to North and South China, it is clear that effective communications and knowledge sharing will play an important role in realising this ambition. AB Sugar launched an online platform in June 2012 to support the many communities of practice at work in the business and to encourage the transfer of knowledge across geographical and organisational boundaries.

The AB Sugar Community site is built on the popular open source Drupal content management system and Organic Groups suite of modules. The site has been extended to provide a customised set of social networking features.

On sign-in members are taken to their dashboard which shows recent personal activity and new posts within the communities they belong to. Features include:

  • Tools to build and manage groups, sub-groups and memberships to support the different specialisms and interests of communities
  • Group-based discussion forums, wikis, resources, events and taxonomies
  • Community calendar and events tools
  • Online profiles for all members
  • An “Expert Finder” tool to help put members in touch with one another
  • A resource centre for the sharing of files in a variety of media
  • Notification tools for members to manage how they are notified about new posts
  • A powerful integrated search (using SOLR) which harvests content from AB Sugar’s Moodle and Totara Learning Environments
  • RSS feeds for ingestion by third party systems
  • An integrated third party chat tool
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) using Simple SAML and ADFS to authentic against the organisation's Active Directory service 
  • Administration tools for the management of content, users and groups

Knowledge Integration is working continually with AB Sugar to provide additional features to support the user community and administrators. The current phase of the project is concerned with upgrading the site content management system to Drupal 8.