Europeana Digital Services Infrastructure (DSI)

The ongoing development of Europeana, the EU platform for digital heritage, is being funded to a large extent by a series of digital services infrastructure (DSI) projects co-financed by the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility.  K-Int are active members of the Europeana Network Association.  We were subcontractors to the MICHAEL Culture Association in the DSI1 project, where our role was primarily to maintain elements of the Europeana Connection Kit (ECK) developed as part of Europeana Inside.

In the DSI2 project we have a small role, as full partners, to work with Europeana to test some new shared services elements of their platform, such as validation and preview, and to provide an exemplar of how services can migrate from using the equivalent ECK modules to the new shared services.  The new modules are planned to be ready for beta testing from November 2016 and we plan to have completed the bulk of our 3 person month resource allocation by the end of March 1017.