Culture Grid

CG infographic

Building on the success of the Peoples Network Discovery Service, developed for the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council, K-int worked closely with Collections Trust to develop a new open software and hardware platform for the cultural sector which aggregates digital content from cultural publishers and syndicate it to third party services including Europeana - the European Digital Library.  Culture Grid is based around the Open Data Aggregator product (ODA).  By exposing standards based machine APIs for both ingest and dissemination, ODA allowed a wider range of digital content to be stored and accessed.  The functionality of ODA has since been subsumed into our CIIM open source product.

In June 2010 a new front end website for Culture Grid, including an enhanced search interface, was developed by Gooii Ltd using the SOLR Search API.  In 2013 K-Int embarked on a major overhaul and refactoring of Culture Grid, leveraging funding from several different projects to enhance the underlying Culture grid software.

Since 2015 all funding and support for Culture grid has been withdrawn.  K-Int continue to maintain the software on a pro bono basis until a decision about its long term future has been made.