Europeana Inside

K-Int participated in the EU PSP funded Europeana Inside project.  The project had 26 funded partners, including 14 technical partners, and several unfunded associates.  K-Int acted as lead technical partner and leader of the Development and Production work packages.

The project aimed to improve the quantity, scope and usability of content supplied to Europeana, primarily by embedding modules of a Europeana Connection Kit (ECK) into Collections Management Systems and middleware components including aggregators.  The project started in April 2012 and completed in spring 2015. 

As well as leading the development effort, K-Int supported the supply of content to Europeana by incorporating ECK features into Culture Grid and also by providing a 'dark' aggregator, based on the same Open Data Aggregator software as Culture Grid, for project content partners who don't currently have access to a national or thematic aggregator.

For the latest news about Europeana Inside, visit the project website.