OPTICIAN2020 was an on-demand manufacturing project which followed on from the successful Made4U project.  The project, co-funded by the European Commission as part of the Factories of the Future initiative within the 7th Framework Programme, focussed on the supply of customised spectacles.  The project ran for three years from October 2013, ending in November 2016.

Knowledge Integration was the lead partner on work package 3 (WP3) "systems development and integration", the overall goal of WP3 being to create an on-line management platform to allow for communications throughout the OPTICIAN2020 system. This involved designing and implementing a robust and reliable architecture that could be scaled and adapted for use in industries other than optics. K-Int was also actively involved in other work packages within the project:

  • in WP1, assessing the communications requirements of frame and lens calculation services;
  • in WP4, assisting in the integration of an eco-tool into the IT platform;
  • in WP5, contributing to performance testing;
  • in WP6, Hosting and managing elments of IT platform during the demonstration phase;
  • in WP7, providing data for the economical assessment studies.

Other partners involved are as follows:

More information about the project is available on the OPTICAN2020 website.