Art UK

Art UK is an artwork discovery service, developed to replace "Your Paintings" in 2016. It hosts art from every public collection in the United Kingdom, most of which is not on view to the public. The service is maintained by a small dedicated team at Art UK (previously called the Public Catalogue Foundation) in collaboration with parters and supporters from other organisations, including the BBC. Over 200,000 paintings by some 38,000 artists are already featured and the collection is continuing to grow as more artworks are contributed, showcasing images of art from galleries and museums all around the UK. Participating partner collections provide images and metadata to the Art UK service and members of the public are then invited to tag paintings to improve their findability.

The overaching remit of the project which Knowledge Integration was contracted to deliver was to:

  • Give collections managers control over their own content
  • Extend the range of art works
  • Give greater focus to sharing content and audience participation
  • Add a regional focus

Knowledge Integration built the Collections Portal, a self-service utility for partners participating in the Your Art project. The Collections Portal gives both contributors and Art UK staff a more effective framework for managing, exchanging and sharing their digital images and metadata. A range of new mechanisms for supply of metadata, including use of the LIDO metadata exchange format, has been made available to contributors.  A web-based interface also allows Your Art project partners (such as the BBC) to set up and modify groups of data and fields required for integration (or download) to their systems and services.

K-Int worked in close collaboration with Keep Thinking Ltd who were awarded the contract to develop the end user interface for Your Art. The CIIM middleware API extracts data from the underlying PIMS database (based on Keep Thinking's QI product) and drives the end user search interface.

Visit the Art UK service to try out the service and find out more.